Photo: Adam Whitmore

Rosehip Teahouse deliver gut-wrenching dreampop on “I Meant What I Said”

Cardiff-based band Rosehip Teahouse just released their debut EP Chillin in the Void, but they’re already looking ahead to the release of a second. This is previewed by the release of a delightful new single called “I Meant What I Said”. Singer Faye Rogers says:

“I wrote this song a couple of years ago in a time where I was acting purely on emotion, getting overwhelmed and then running away. In this particular situation, I ran away to Copenhagen with my flatmate. The song came to me in the blue shower in our little blue Airbnb. I could have sworn the smell of the shampoo was the exact same as the one used by a person I had cared deeply for, and suddenly I was back sitting in the street next to them, crying and walking away, ultimately ending our relationship. ‘I Meant What I Said’ is my apology note, but I don’t know if they ever heard it.”

Olfactory senses can conjure powerful memories, like Rogers’ experience with the shampoo that kicks off “I Meant What I Said” – music, too, is also a classic purveyor of long-forgotten memories, especially the kind of dreamy indie that Rosehip Teahouse make. Rogers’ story is personal, but the guttural regrets that she spews out are universal – “I shouldn’t let myself be so upset / I am the one who caused this / But I didn’t mean to / I didn’t want to hurt you.” Behind her, the band facilitate this poignant trip down memory lane with a bright and floating indie sound that carries her through memories, their tone perfectly matching the intermingling feelings of love and regret with beautiful aplomb.

News about Rosehip Teahouse’s new EP should be coming soon, for now the track “I Meant What I Said” is available to stream via Big Indie Records. Find the band on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.