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Tame Impala

"Apocalypse Dreams"

[Modular; 2012]

By ; July 12, 2012 

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Tame Impala’s debut record, Innerspeaker, was one of our favourite records of 2010, so we were pretty chuffed to hear the announcement of the band’s follow-up over the weekend. “Apocalypse Dreams,” the first cut (but not the first single) from the upcoming Lonerism, pretty much picks up where Innerspeaker left off, delivering more echo-clasped guitar lines and pensive psychedelia. It is deeper, darker and denser, but still delightfully uncluttered, full of smouldering build-ups and breakdowns that never distract from singer and group architect Kevin Parker’s greatest gift: melody. “Everything is changing/And there’s nothing I can do,” he observes in his Lennon-esque pitch. With nightmarish interludes and barely-there synths curling around the sun-baked scuzz, Tame Impala seem to be changing too, adding new hiccups and alterations to their old school sound.

Lonerism is due out October on Modular Recordings.


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