Possible Fleet Foxes side project: White Antelope

Hmm, what do we have here? Two Fleet Foxes style tracks, a mere 150 friends, Fleet Foxes as the top friend, the same profile background as Fleet Foxes, and a picture of frontman Robin Pecknold with short hair? It appears to be Robin Pecknold’s solo project.

Let’s take a look at the tracks. First is “False Knight on the Road”. Apparently it appeared as the b-side to the Mykonos 7″. What’s more interesting is the metadata pulled from the second track, titled “Guitar Duet”. Oddly, once dragged into iTunes it’s revealed to be titled something different, “Magic Rings”. The metadata also reveals:

Artist: White Antelope
Album: White Antelope
Track #: 14 of 14

Of course the tagging could be random but regardless; could Robin Pecknold be releasing a solo album this year under the moniker White Antelope?

Here are MP3s of the tracks for anyone interested (retagged if you were curious):

White Antelope – False Knight on the Road
White Antelope – Guitar Duet (aka Magic Rings)