Podcast: The Lyric Boys Episode 29 – Nirvana

Grandma, take me home and let me listen to The Lyric Boys podcast. In this episode, The Lyric Boys tackle 10 lyrics by Nirvana, the seminal Seattle grunge band best known for having an album cover with a baby’s dingus on it.

The Lyric Boys discuss why it’s okay to eat fish, what it’s like having your own pet virus, what it means to be “very ape,” and the straight-up fact that meat makes you a lusty boy. Stick around until the end when Lucien and Andrew do their best Kurt Cobain impression and craft their own Nirvana lyrics.

Songs discussed: “Lithium”, “Breed”, “Scentless Apprentice”, “Paper Cuts”, “Mexican Seafood”, “Very Ape”, “In Bloom”, “Something In The Way”, “Sliver”, and “Dumb”.

Note: This episode is about Nirvana, the band, not the highest state of profound well-being that a human is capable of attaining. This podcast will not help you reach enlightenment.

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