Podcast: The Lyric Boys Episode 28 – WU LYF and Lost Under Heaven

In honor of the 10th anniversary of Go Tell Fire To The Mountain, The Lyric Boys tackle 10 lyrics by WU LYF, i.e. World Unite Lucifer Youth Foundation, the mysterious Manchester indie rock band who made waves with their cathartic sound, demonic vocals, and unique brand of ‘heavy pop’. Also featured is Lost Under Heaven, the latest project by WU LYF singer and lyricist Ellery James Roberts.

The Lyric Boys discuss loving things forever, putting suits on animals, what it means to be the Burger King, and how dollar is a fake friend. And stick around to the end when the Lyric Boys improvise their own WU LYF style lyrics.

Songs discussed: “We Bros”, “Spitting Blood”, “Dirt”, “LYF”, “Such A Sad Puppy Dog”, “Cave Song”, “Heavy Pop”, “Lament”, “Beneath The Concrete”, and “$ORO”.

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