Motion Sickness of Time Travel releases new album

The Perennials EP

Rachel Evans, under her Motion Sickness of Time Travel moniker, made one of our favorite albums of last year and one of the most accomplished ambient albums in recent memory with her self-titled LP from way back in May. She’s released a handful of short run cassettes since then, but today Boomkat has released her latest vinyl effort and her debut for that label entitled the Perennials. What we’ve heard so far seems to suggest a bit heavier direction for Evans, not quite the move to the dancefloor that Boomkat suggests in their description, but certainly a bit more insistent than her breathy brand of drone has been in the past.

You can order the record and hear some excerpts from it over at Boomkat’s site, but Evans’ Bandcamp has two tracks to stream that are supposedly from this release as well labeled as The Perennials EP. You can check those out below.