British producer Luke Abbott‘s new album Translate was due to have been released last week, but is now arriving on November 20. Fortunately, he has a brilliant nine-minute new track called “Ames Window” to add to the experiential cuts already released from the album, “Kagen Sound” and “Earthship”. Abbott says:

“‘Ames Window’ is an indulgent improvised modular synth track. It reminded me of the Ames window optical illusion because it has this spinning, disorientating quality. I like music that is very freeform, and this track is like a wild and amorphous cloud that’s constantly turning itself inside out.”

It’s hard to top what he’s already described in the above quote, as he perfectly captures the wriggling, psychedelic wonder that is “Ames Window”. Gently percolating bass tones ripple throughout the song’s near 10 minutes, keeping the track grounded as all around the atmosphere is constantly shifting; repeatedly bubbling, bursting and re-blossoming in a whole new formation and colour. Even at an extensive length – ‘indulgent’, as Abbott himself put it – “Ames Window” is never tiring, consistently presenting a new aural illusion to fall into at every possible moment.

Luke Abbott’s new album Translate arrives on November 20 through Border Community. You can follow him on Bandcamp, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.