Elliot "Jumpy" Russell

LUCY (Cooper B. Handy) shares “SAME THING”, announces collaborative LP

What’s new in New England, besides a Celtics championship that is? Well for one, resident goofball and YouTube-legend Cooper B. Handy, aka LUCY, has some new tunes warmed up for our eager ears, this time in collaboration with Surf Gang, the collective featuring producers Evilgiane and Ccured. The first taste of this new ensemble album – released by Requested Records – is “SAME THING” which features many of the LUCY-isms we’ve come to love: lyrical truisms that should feel horribly on-the-nose, but in the capable hands of Handy, resonate as celebratory and starry-eyed declarations.

In the lo-fi VHS video, directed by accomplice Elliot “Jumpy” Russell, LUCY is basically going about his day – reading horoscopes in the newspaper at a diner, studying flowcharts in an office, and driving around the Massachusetts country side. It shouldn’t be as entertaining as it is. What’s in the mysterious briefcase he’s carrying around, is left to our imagination.

Additionally, LUCY has recently announced a European tour next month, the dates can be found here.

To learn more about Cooper B. Handy and the LUCYverse, read our 2022 interview feature. Watch and listen to “SAME THING” below, and find it on streaming platforms.

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