Joan Low

Li Yilei descends into the self with the fleeting, perturbing “Murmur”

Li Yilei is not interested in being defined. When they began to properly garner attention on Métron records, via 之 / Of , many expected – to put it bluntly – a Chinese spin on “the Meitei” sound, but Li displayed little desire to be captured in such a corner. It defied expectations, even in spite of its own ambient leanings.

Now, they’re set to return, via LTR Records, with an album entitled Secondary Self. As a first offering from the LP, they’ve shared “Murmur”, whose extended length gradually creeps from electronic elements into simultaneous whale song and bird chirps, then gives further way to ominous whispers – in other hands, it may feel heavy-handed, but in Li Yilei’s, it’s nearly haunting.

Check it out below, and look out for Secondary Self come August 26th.

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