John Grant shares Cate Le Bon produced single “Boy from Michigan”, announces new album

John Grant has today shared plans for his fifth studio album. Titled Boy from Michigan, it’s due out June 25th via Bella Union. Of note, and particular interest to many, is the fact that it was produced by none other than Cate Le Bon.

To kick things he’s off, he’s shared the project’s title track, along with a classically Grantian video (read: it’s rather odd). Complete with Adult Swim-like animation, puppets, The Devil, and monsters, it’s quite a visual romp.

Regarding the song itself, Grant shares, “I discovered the chord progression in the chorus of ‘Boy from Michigan’ on my OB6 back when I was working on ‘Love is Magic,’ and while I knew it would eventually become a song, I didn’t know what to do with it yet. Sometimes you just know you need to take your time with certain ideas. The song sprang from a moment I experienced when I was about 11 and we were about to move to Colorado from Michigan; my best buddy took me aside and warned me about ‘the world out there’ – so the song is about the transition from childhood to adulthood, the simplicity and innocence of childhood and the oftentimes rude awakening that occurs when one crosses over into adulthood. It’s also about romanticizing the past, which can be dangerous. I don’t believe one can or should live in the past, but if you ignore it, well, you know. I also have to say there are moments when I actually relive the scent of early Spring as the snow is beginning to melt revealing the wet Earth beneath. It’s incredible.

Check the song out below, and revisit the Trump-baiting “The Only Baby”, which will also appear on the album.

John Grant’s Boy From Michigan arrives on June 25 via Bella Union (pre-order/save). You can find him on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Track list:

1. Boy From Michigan
2. County Fair
3. The Rusty Bull
4. The Cruise Room
5. Mike And Julie
6. Best In Me
7. Rhetorical Figure
8. Just So You Know
9. Dandy Star
10. Your Portfolio
11. The Only Baby
12. Billy