Photo: Kyle Cunjak / Charlie Tyrell

Jennah Barry threads her lovesickness into the divine “Venus in Heat”

Nova Scotia-based songwriter Jennah Barry has returned with her first new music since last year’s breakthrough album Holiday. The new song is called “Venus in Heat” and she says: “This song is about the first few days of falling in love when you feel great and terrible all at the same time.”

She takes us right into that see-saw of emotions in the delicate opening, where we find her on the “Sunday morning after”, feeling a “warm electric buzz” – but shortly after she’s “crying in the bathroom”. From there, “Venus in Heat” progresses as a yearning plea-come-daydream for her romantic ideals to come true; “give me something to hold on to” she beseeches one moment, then the next is already thinking the worst: “If you’re gonna change your mind, I need a reason.”

She then takes us even higher as she continues to think of what could potentially be, singing of clouds and satellites as her imagination skyrockets to the heavens; perfectly implemented silvery strings sweep in and an absolutely fantastic flute skips all around. It suddenly it feels as if we’re in a grand dance number from a Hollywood musical of her imagination, Jennah and her cherished one clasped together in bliss as fire hydrants burst and rainbows appear above their twirling bodies. Even if the love never comes to pass, at least she has this beautiful vision to cherish – and to hopefully achieve one day with someone else.

Listen to “Venus in Heat” below or find it on streaming platforms.

“Venus in Heat” is out on Forward Music Group. You can find Jennah Barry on Facebook and Instagram.