Photo: Tina Andrea

Jax Hollow brings feral fever to “Wolf In Sheepskin”

Nashville artist Jax Hollow is an untameable force of nature. Her new single “Wolf in Sheepskin” has echoes of Jimi Hendrix and Melissa Etheridge, plus some killer lines like “Sunrise, waking up with my .45” – and the best wolf hat ever worn in a music video.

Jax describes the mood of the song: “There’s a beautiful numbness in the midst of chaos. Like the scenes in movies where everyone is frantically running around, while the camera zooms in on the main character, ears ringing and silent, lost in thought.”

There’s already a buzz about Jax’s sophomore album Only The Wild Ones, which will (quite appropriately) get released on rowdy Cinco de Mayo this year. Her studio band includes session aces who have played with k.d. lang, Maren Morris and Miranda Lambert.

Some of the sessions took place at Nashville’s legendary The Sound Emporium studio. 

“What an incredible experience, in one of the best studios in the world,” says Jax. “Studio exec Juanita Copeland pulled me aside, telling me stories of Robert Plant and Alison Krauss’ session in there, and then next thing I know she’s introducing me to Jason Isbell in the break room. I was over the moon.”

Jax has it all: high-octane charisma, guitar chops and songwriting skill. Plus she’s a great singer, too – like when she finishes the chorus of “Wolf in Sheepskin” with the fierce cry “I’m better sleepin’ alone.” After a successful European tour in 2022, Jax Hollow is poised for stardom.

Watch the video for “Wolf in Sheepskin” below, or find it on the streamers.

Jax Hollow’s new album Only The Wild Ones comes out on May 5. Follow Jax Hollow on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.