Photo: Stone Shannon

Isaac Watters is a mega-achiever who’s “Tired”

It’s easy to see why Isaac Watters is exhausted, and that’s what he’s singing about on a new single called “Tired”. The LA artist has already accomplished more than most of us could even dream about: working for legendary architect Frank Gehry, being a set designer and art director for hit TV series like Westworld and For All Mankind, and being hailed by many as the heir to Leonard Cohen.

After a long residency at the Hyperion Tavern in Silver Lake, Watters has built a cult following that includes Jackson Browne and Will Butler of Arcade Fire. He will release his next album called New Space & Time on Hi-Res Records on July 26.

“‘Tired’ is about just that,” says Watters. “Too tired at the end of a relationship to talk about it. Too tired at the end of the day to have a glass of wine. The exhaustion of the end of civilization, you start to see the trash piling up, and no one bothers to take it away….it’s exhausting.”

Watters’ previous single was entitled “Thirsty”, so his next logical move is to release a song called “Hungry”. Although he could probably use some of Jack Kerouac’s pep pills, Watters is clearly one of today’s most distinctive talents.

Listen to “Tired” below, or find it on the streaming services.

Isaac’s album New Space & Time, arriving July 26.

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