Photo: Naomi Williams

Irish punks M(h)aol deliver the churning and sardonic “Therapy”

M(h)aol are starting off the new year with purpose, dropping new single “Therapy” ahead of their debut album Attachment Styles arriving in early February. On the new song, vocalist Róisín says:

“I wanted to write Therapy as a light-hearted addition to the album, dealing with a very real subject matter. It came from a conversation I had with a friend who was talking about a loved one not turning up to therapy, even though they were why she was in therapy, and I was thinking about people in our lives who are the reason we go to therapy and how we can often heal in spite of them.”

Compared to previous songs from the fearsome quintet, “Therapy” is indeed more lighthearted – but there’s still a tempestuous undercurrent to the song that suggests we don’t want to fuck with them. Churning and rumbling away like teeth grinding in agitated contemplation, “Therapy” finds Róisín picking and poking at the object of her frustration, telling them they’re the reason she’s in therapy and she should charge them for it, if it weren’t so triggering to write their name on the bill. It’s a smart and smirk-inducing track from the ever whip-smart act, delivered perfectly at the dawn of a new year when we’re all making begrudging commitments to better ourselves through therapy or otherwise. M(h)aol know the struggle.

Listen to “Therapy” below or find it on streamers.

M(h)aol’s debut album Attachment Styles is out on February 3 through TULLE and Rough Trade Publishing (pre-order/save). You can find the band on Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

M(h)aol tour dates:

January 30th | Margate, UK | Whereelse? (Nothing Compares – – A film by Kathryn Ferguson)
January 31st | Birkenhead, UK | Future Yard^
February 1st | Manchester, UK | YES (Basement)^ SOLD OUT
February 4th | Brighton, UK | Komedia Studio^ SOLD OUT
February 5th | Bristol, UK | Strange Brew^
March 15th – 20th | SXSW, Austin
May 19th | Newcastle, UK | Bobiks
May 20th | Glasgow, UK | The Hug and Pint
May 22nd | Leeds, UK | Hyde Park Book Club
May 23rd | Manchester, UK | YES (Pink Room)
May 25th | London, UK | Boston Music Room
May 26th | Brighton, UK | The Hope & Ruin