Photo: Brendan George Ko

Falcon Jane strives to keep it together on “Held High”

Ontario-based band Falcon Jane, led by Sara May, are releasing a new album called Faith on November 13. Today they’ve shared another preview of their darker sound in the form of new single “Held High”. May says on the new song:

“When I wrote the song I was reaching a breaking point. I had been chasing something for so long and was so exhausted and hopeless that I felt like I couldn’t go on anymore. But it is very much a back and forth, a trial and error. I think the repetitiveness of the E major chord to F# minor chord really emphasizes that feeling of triumph then failure then triumph again.”

With a bobbing and expansive indie sound, Falcon Jane immediately project the worries of their singer into widescreen, allowing us to easily envision her struggle. While the words don’t go into specifics, we can all relate to May’s humble and open singing as she learns life’s lessons. When it comes to the repetition of the “held high” in the chorus, she does genuinely sound like she’s been through the wringer, but has come out stronger and feeling ready to venture onwards. With the ringing guitars and glowing synths flanking her determination, it’s a pretty heroic aural image.

Falcon Jane’s new album Faith is out on November 13 through Darling Recordings (pre-order). You can follow the band on Instagram, Bandcamp, Twitter and Facebook.