Photo: Graham Marsh

dayaway is beautifully brave on “Rogue Wave”

dayaway is the indie pop project of Amber Renee, ably assisted by co-writer and producer Graham Marsh (who has four Grammy awards on his mantle for his work with Ludacris and CeeLo Green). The new dayaway single “rogue wave” is a melodic slice of surf-rock euphoria that will help you chill until the arrival of their ghost beach EP coming August 14.

This Brooklyn tandem belongs on the Mount Olympus of dream-pop. To extend the Greek metaphor, their 2023 single “a brief dream of sun” feels like you’re sailing just off Corfu on a sunny day, heading straight for paradise.

They didn’t need to go to Greece to shoot the new video. It was filmed on Tybee Island, Georgia, Marsh’s home turf.

“‘rogue wave’ is probably my favorite song from this project,” says Renee. “I really love using magical realism to express a feeling, and this one is especially fun. Falling in love is exactly like getting dragged to the bottom of somebody else’s ocean. It’s messy and dangerous and all-consuming. And Graham captured that feeling so perfectly with the production. I love everything about it.”

Watch the video for “rogue wave” below, or find the song on the streaming services.

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