Brian Burton, better known as Danger Mouse, just loves to collaborate. Just looking at the people he’s worked with on his last two releases Broken Bells and Dark Night Of The Soul is enough to tell you about the ambitious and eclectic nature of this producer. However he may have undertaken his most ambitious project yet with Rome; a collaboration with Italian composer Daniele Luppi.

The project was actually started way back before either of the aforementioned projects, even before he teamed up with Cee-Lo Green and conquered the world as Gnarls Barkley. In fact Rome was spawned in 2005 when the pair of artists discovered in each other a fellow lover of 60s Italian film soundtracks. The project has slowly been coming together, in secret, since then.

We can’t really tell you what it sounds like, but we know that it was recorded on “vintage instruments” in Forum Studios, a converted Church in Rome. The album will feature big choirs and lots of strings.

Daniele Luppi says of the record that “there is a feel – it is about love, death, happiness – the visceral connection of man and women. It’s a dark vibe, melancholic, a little foggy.” The man and woman in question are none other than Jack White and Norah Jones who take lead vocals.

As for Burton he claims that “Rome seems to have fed into everything I’ve done – you can hear it in a lot of Gnarls Barkley, it’s all over Broken Bells too. I get a lot of offers to do film soundtracks and I’ve never said yes, because no one has heard this yet, and I think some people still think of me as a hip-hop producer. But this is what I would actually do, if I were to make a soundtrack. I’m really happy it’s out. I just hope it’s not going to take five years to do the next one.”

Whether you like film soundtracks with big grandiose scores or not, you can’t deny that this sounds interesting, especially with the Danger Mouse name attached to it. No conclusive release date has yet been announced but it will be released in 2011 through EMI.