Norwegian bedroom-pop purveyor Boy Pablo has been releasing rays of sunshine in his music for a little while now, and in October this year he’ll release his debut album, Wachito Rico. Along with the announcement he’s shared two new songs, “hey girl” and “i just wanna go home”, which capture different sides of his youthfulness, as he explains:

“The lyrics of ‘hey girl’ are written from the point of view of a young boy who is in love for the first time and wants to make a move on this girl. He’s nervous, shy and shaky, but dares to jump into it and talks to the girl.” Whereas “‘I just wanna go home’ is about getting older and realising how much responsibility you are left with as an adult, and getting lost in the confusion that comes with trying to navigate the landscape of adulthood.” 

Boy Pablo has always captured the carefree feeling of summer in his music, making it sound effortless. That continues on “hey girl”, where the overwhelming emotion that overcomes his innocent mind is tangible and delightful. His trusty guitar rings out with glee, while bongos and pianos add to the joyous, unbridled feeling of love.

“I just wanna go home” is a slightly different approach, still using the same instruments to lasso a mood of dejection. With the added vocals of guest andrea, the slovenly feeling of responsibility is conveyed with simplicity that strikes a deep chord.

Listen to both songs via the Spotify embed below, or find them on your preferred platform.

Boy Pablo’s debut album Wachito Rico will be released through 777 Music on October 23. Follow him on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.