Here’s one we missed on our most anticipated albums of the year: Black Dice are returning with their sixth full length album, Mr. Impossible. The album is coming out on April 10th through Ribbon Music.

The press release describes the album as “the soundtrack to a substance-fueled teen basement show on Mars,” which, if you’ve heard any of their past releases, is entirely within their realm. It then goes on to describe Mr. Impossible as “The record is informed by countless live performances the group has done worldwide, over its long lifetime. Band highlights from past eras were re-germinated, and grew into a new mutation called Mr. Impossible.”

Those of you who are big fans should get your order in now, since there are 350 limited edition screen printed copies, which can be ordered from here.

Below you can get your first taste of Mr. Impossible by streaming or downloading “Pigs,” and beneath that is the full track list for the album.

Black Dice – “Pigs”

Mr. Impossible track list:

01. Pinball Wizard
02. Rodriguez
03. The Jacker
04. Pigs
05. Spy Vs. Spy
06. Out Body Drifter
07. Shithouse Drifter
08. Carnitas
09. Brunswick Sludge