Photo: SJ Spreng

BEL is unforgettable on “Forget Everything”

LA artist BEL’s new single “Forget Everything” has a Sheryl Crow vibe and showcases the artist’s radiant vocals and rich harmonies. The song’s towering chorus quickly gets lodged in your brain.

Commenting on the track, BEL says, “It’s about developing and acting on feelings for a friend and the aftermath of it. It’s me realizing my relationship with that person will never be the same and wishing we could forget it all and go back to the way we were before.”

BEL’s previous singles this year – including “Woman On Fire” and “Are You Okay?” – also have great melodies and lustrous harmonies. She’s getting more musically adventurous with each release.

Yes, Isabel (BEL) Whelan has come a long way from the tiny town of Clovis, California (near Fresno). She’s headlining shows next week in London, then opens for Gatlin on 15 U.S. dates this fall.

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