Zen Mother is the duo Monika Khot and Adam Wolcott Smith, who have put out a couple of records previously that have caught the attention of the Bay Area’s finest The Flenser. The label will be putting out Zen Mother’s new album Millennial Garbage Preach on October 2, and today we are gifted the new single “Order”.

The new song begins with beams of synth, like a robot powering up – and it’s going to need the energy as Zen Mother fill “Order” with plenty of noise. Monika Khot’s vocal arrives and scours across the atmosphere, expanding the breadth of the song, before the rampaging beats and guitar come stomping in to lay the foundations for this monstrous track, and keep it lurching horrifically and thrillingly forward throughout.

The video for “Order” was created by Mu Tunc and is a nod to Grey Gardens. Zen Mother say: “Mu Tunc created this film in a wasteland of capitalistic depravity a couple hours outside of Istanbul. His caliber of aesthetic and vision as a director is unrivaled and the love and friendship everyone poured into the making of this is true magic.”

Zen Mother’s new album Millennial Garbage Preach is out on October 2 through The Flenser. You can find them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.