[Hippos In Tanks; 2013]

Hey, look, a new Stefanie Franciotti single! It’s been a languorous year-and-change since the last Sleep ∞ Over album, Forever, but fortunately that’s set to change soon; while no official release date (or title) has yet been announced, word on the streets is that Franciotti is prepping a new Sleep ∞ Over release, and “Rooftop” would appear to be its lead single–hopefully a sign that the rest of the album isn’t too far behind.

“Rooftop” is even weirder than Forever, abstractly drifting delicate keyboard tones that recall Julia Holter sharing space with what sounds like a baritone saxophone doing jazz riffs between bong hits. On paper, this should be a mess, but somehow it all coalesces into a satisfyingly bizarre whole. I’d still call it “dream pop,” but as far as I know there’s no rule stating that dream pop has to be as structured as the Cocteau Twins or as catchy as Beach House in order to succeed. There’s nary a beat or chorus in sight, but the view still looks pretty dreamy to me.