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Yellow Ostrich

"Marathon Runner"

[Barsuk; 2012]

By ; January 23, 2012 

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What began as a solo project of bedroom pop from Chairs frontman Alex Schaff has expanded to a full-fledged band. Yellow Ostrich’s upcoming fourth album Strange Land comes from Death Cab for Cutie’s former label Barsuk, and it’s quite the appropriate home for the band’s debut as a trio.

“Marathon Runner,” the first preview of Strange Land, fuses the Brooklyn delicacies of pummeling percussion and vocal looping with the warmth and guitar-driven indie pop aesthetic of the Pacific Northwest. Schaff’s vocals are the force that unites the disparate on this east-meets-west-coast Strange Land preview cut. After hearing this you can consider Yellow Ostrich a contender for the honor of 2012’s “next big thing.”


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