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[Def Jam; 2012]

By ; January 13, 2012 

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The cover art of The-Dream’s “ROC” depicts a wildly luminous Egyptian pyramid. Considering the song’s erotic lyricisms, one can only expect that it symbolizes one of The-Dream’s sexual fantasies. But, The-Dream has always sung about sex — whether it be for his own solo material or for his previous collaborations. One might’ve expected the formula to grow old by now, but the sheer thrill in listening to “ROC” is listening to The-Dream correlate his sexual fantasies with an equally seductive musical palette. It wastes no time in doing so: the opening surges with retro-synths, thick vocal-harmonies, and a wide assortment of 808 drum-hits. From that point on, the two-time Grammy winner exhibits his desires with lines about grindin’, body aches, and of course, bed shakin’. It’s the exact kind of thing you’d expect from a Dream track, and quite frankly, all the more better for it.


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