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Taken by Trees


[Secretly Canadian; 2012]

By ; July 16, 2012 

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The last time we heard from Swedish songstress Victoria Bergman’s solo venture Taken by Trees was back in 2009 with East of Eden. But now she’s back with a new single entitled “Dreams,” the first cut from her upcoming third album Other Worlds.

In describing the track, she refers to the kind of dream that is more like a “sense of longing, a vision of a place where things are quiet, like floating in the ocean off of Hawaii.” And that translates musically on this track, opening with electronic handclaps and beats and washes of synthesizers layered throughout. Bergman’s light and airy vocals are combined with a reverberated steel guitar, adding to the ethereal quality of the song. But where the song really impresses is incorporating the melody on the steel guitar that’s reminiscent of traditional Hawaiian folk music. It’s a great blend of using the native musical aesthetics with those of dream and folk pop.

It seems that traveling leads to creative inspiration for Victoria Bergman (East of Eden was recorded in Pakistan). So far, the results have been impressive. If that’s the case, we shouldn’t be surprised to see her rack up the frequent flyer miles for future releases. Other Worlds will be released on October 2nd via Secretly Canadian.


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