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"Orifice Origami"

[Vagrant; 2012]

By ; March 30, 2012 

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Reptar are already amassing a great deal of fanfare and with good reason: “Sebastian” was excellent, and the newly released track, “Orifice Origami,” from the upcoming Body Faucet is perhaps even better, suggesting huge things for the band when the debut finally lands in May. It’s everything that you would want from solid indie rock: a track that is complex but addictive, jovial and exciting and, above all, the sort of song that leaves you hungry for more.

It’s such a varied track with a really catchy melody throughout. Reptar have the creative panache of bands such as Phoenix and MGMT, and apply these delightful electro-beats with some really wonderful Vampire Weekend-esque vocals invoking themes of social limitation and aspiration. Guitars and keyboards interact throughout, helping bring clarity to the fantastic chorus that guarantees to stay in your head for hours. I could write paragraphs telling you about how there’s some really cool instrumental sections throughout, and how the hand-claps and percussion give the track a formidable sonic bounce; how the chorus explodes in an inspirational charge and how a guitar solo feeding into a gentle verse in the second half raises the track to even greater levels of awesome. But instead, I’ll just recommend that you go and give “Orifice Origami” a damn-good listen, and keep it on your playlist indefinitely.

Download “Orifice Origami” at Reptar’s Facebook


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