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Passion Pit

"I'll Be Alright"

[Columbia; 2012]

By ; June 14, 2012 

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Ecclesiastical musings, relationship troubles, foreboding observations… Manners contained a good deal of subject matter than didn’t exactly fit in with its glucose-fuelled synths and cheery children’s choirs. This duality is part of what makes Passion Pit such an alluring pop act. On “I’ll Be Alright,” singer Michael Angelakos sticks with what he knows best, but the hypercharged, cut and paste intro is a first for his band. It’s like what would happen if you minced “Sleepyhead” and stuffed it into a paint shaker. “I won’t let you go/ Unless I’ll be alright,” declares Angelakos; a desperate plea that will likely receive no reply. Honestly, the brewing fury and anxiety within “I’ll Be Alright” shouldn’t make you feel this good. But it does. It really, really does.

Gosasmer is due out July 24th on Columbia.


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