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Panda Bear

"Atiba Song"

[Paw Tracks; 2011]

By ; February 14, 2011 

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Penned as a soundtrack to a skateboard video directed by Atiba Jefferson and Ty Evans, the appropriately titled “Atiba Song” is the sound of Noah Lennox a.k.a. Panda Bear flexing his creative muscle for the fun of it. Seemingly not content to stick to the feel-good glow of Person Pitch’s sample platter, Panda Bear has promised that Tomboy (which will not feature “Atiba Song”) will have a more focused sound with greater emphasis on rhythm. Despite the track’s exclusion from a follow-up four years in the making, its elegant splashes of reverb-heavy guitar and feathery percussion will probably be featured heavily. A strong track in its own right, this one-off effort will whet the appetite of anyone who isn’t already salivating for April 12.

Panda Bear – Atiba Song by SideStreetOfLife
[Off of Tomboy, due out 4/12 on Paw Tracks]


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