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Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds

"Dream On"

[Sour Mash; 2012]

By ; March 16, 2012 

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While not a new song, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Bird’s “Dream On” has been released as an official single over the past few days. And while this may not be huge news in 2012, there was once a time when Noel Gallagher’s releases were considered to be worth getting down to the record store on day one to pick up. Granted, that may have been back in the ’90s when the Gallagher brothers were buddied up during Oasis’ prime, but fans of Noel have no need to fear; “Dream On” sounds very much like an Oasis song, as you might expect.

The major significance of “Dream On” being released as a single five months after the self-titled début is that the track may now get some radio play. You’d be forgiven for thinking that it’s melodically something of a retread of pastures greener, sounding as it does rather similar to “The Importance of Being Idle” from Don’t Believe the Truth. However, after those first impressions subside, it’s an acceptable track, albeit one that now sounds as old as Oasis. While Noel can still make a functional song, it’s remarkable how little his overall sound has changed since the ’90s. Clearly, he is content to give the fans what they want; that is, more of the same tried-and-tested Brit-pop formula.

Even the additional musical flourishes throughout, such as the incorporation of trumpets near the song’s climax, can’t stop “Dream On” from sounding exactly like we would expect from Noel Gallagher. He can be commended for still keeping a loyal fanbase who clearly appreciate what it is that he does, and apart from the repetition of incongruous lyrical statements throughout, there’s nothing particularly wrong here. However, the lack of anything to really recommend leaves “Dream On” as exactly what it was likely designed to be; the perfect track for Noel and Oasis fans, and the complete repellent to anyone whose music tastes have changed in the past ten years.


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