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My Body

"Baby Grail"

[Self-released; 2012]

By ; May 24, 2012 

Purchase at: Insound (Vinyl) | Amazon (MP3 & CD) | iTunes | MOG

Synthesizer parts toeing the line between cheesy and insanely catchy. Female vocal samples. A cloudy, reverb soaked lead vocal. A clattering drum part, that never quite breaks through the haze. These are components that make up the new single from My Body. Though such a description of “Baby Grail” may bring the bitter bile of a chillwave aftertaste back to your mouth from the depths of 2009, the track seems more to represent what happens when the style is done right. Bedroom producers are a dime a doze, and the chillwave horse has certainly been beaten well past its death, but that doesn’t stop good songs from being good songs. It’s ’80s nostalgia indebted hazy and lazy electronic music, but it’s a whole lot of fun nonetheless. Take the best synth lines from a Teen Daze track, throw in the drum production from the Toro Y Moi eps, and the overall subtle sexiness that Washed Out has always exuded and you have this new MY BODY track. It’s the farthest thing from groundbreaking, as the list of influences would have you suggest, but its a pleasant listen nonetheless. It’s nostalgia piled upon nostalgia piled on cheesy synthesizers piled on dreamy sub-Memoryhouse vocal parts, but in a world where such feelings and components are so highly valued, there surely must be a place for a track as lovely as “Baby Grail.”

You can download the track in exchange for an email address over at the band’s website.


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