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"Get To France"

[Rock Action / Sub Pop; 2011]

By ; August 4, 2011 

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Mogwai has been busy this year. They’ve released Hardcore Will Never Die, But You Will and are releasing Earth Division EP on September 13. “Get To France” is the first song off the EP and shows the band getting in touch with their classical roots.

The song is held together by a solemn piano. The beautiful notes ascend and descend lightly, creating a hauntingly somber atmosphere over the low progression of chords. A low cello comes in to add some depth; its strings hum like the buzzing of some giant hornet. The violins come into the song weeping long, sustained notes that hover amidst what feels like the vast openness of an empty opera house. The instruments come together and create a song that sounds like it should be included among the works of classical composers. The song ends on a final, sustained piano chord that carries on through the speakers until the piano strings stop vibrating.

“Get To France” is ripe with emotion and inky beauty. Although it might not be one of the most mind-blowing songs that Mogwai has put out, it offers a glimpse into what they’re capable of.


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