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Light Asylum


[Mexican Summer; 2012]

By ; March 26, 2012 

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Light Asylum’s debut full-length is on the way later in the year, and we’ve been given a fun taster in the form of “IPC,” a bold, weird and, at times, wonderful electronic track. At first, things start out a little unusual and underwhelming; a simple beat and some rather bizarre vocals meet the listener, which sound like shouting as much as singing. However, perseverance is required here, because what “IPC” does have in its favour is a really cool chorus. The vocals stop being irritating and begin to meld wonderfully with the erratic music, and as the song continues the electronic sound becomes more and more impressive and complex.

It’s a very fast-paced track that requires a few listens to get your head around; the whip-crack sample and the heavy-handed, hard-hitting vocals are questionable, but somehow seem to make sense given the weirdness of the music. When “IPC” finishes, you want to listen to it again for that chorus, even if the verses don’t quite meet their mark; the pay-out is ultimately worth the price of admission, and there’s certainly something here worth keeping an eye on. Light Asylum’s ability to capture a listener’s attention is no small feat.


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