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"Black Mold Grow"

[Lefse; 2012]

By ; June 12, 2012 

Purchase at: Insound (Vinyl) | Amazon (MP3 & CD) | iTunes | MOG

Even as a sometimes resident, I can’t seem to entirely get a good grasp on Florida’s music scene. Though it at times can seem a musical black hole as depressing and dank as one of the horrifically humid evenings that mark the state’s summer, lately some artists have made the outlook a bit more hopeful. David Levesque’s experimental pop project Levek is certainly one of those glimmers of hope. His latest track, “Black Mold Grow”, melds Levesque’s typically brisk melodies with an intensely layered instrumental heavily indebted to the lighter moments of recent Grizzly Bear records. We may not be talking “Two Weeks” levels of immediacy, but Levesque’s reedy voice, wordless harmonies, and organ punctuated verses lead to a track that’s just as impressive as most of the work of this obvious touchstone. It’s brightness is certainly fitting of its origin in the Sunshine State, and we can only hope that Levesque’s debut LP brings more of the same.



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