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[Self-released; 2013]

By ; February 12, 2013 

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“BETHR” arrives only a month out from Lapalux’s full-length Brainfeeder debut, the cleverly titled Nostalchic. “BETHR” isn’t an official promotional single, but nonetheless it’s hard not to get excited about what might follow the UK producer’s latest offering. The two EPs Stuart Howard dropped from his Lapalux moniker last year, When You’re Gone and Some Other Time, showed a knack for R&B-leaning garage and hip-hop productions with a noticeable amount of technical chops behind the wheel. “BETHR” announces itself with just as much confidence and intricate, puzzle-piece beatsmithery with its stew of crisp potato chip textures, but Howard locks the whole thing around a beautiful vintage soul a cappella that’s barely treated until the glistening single-chord synths and gorgeous bass melody take over near the midpoint, the beat content to ride itself out. The first half of the track is Howard showing you where he got the samples for the second half. The song barely clocks over two-minutes, but it’s a powerful shot of emotion and tactility straight to the pleasure centers.

Nostalchic is out March 19th via Brainfeeder

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