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[Luaka Bop; 2013]

By ; January 24, 2013 

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Javelin tracks historically are devices that, more often than not, spawn a sunny reaction underneath the surface of something truly funky. As easy as they were to classify in 2010, the game has changed. With their last release being a sampled country EP, it was made clear that their identity enjoys changing like crazy. What we have here is “Nnormal”, the first offering from their upcoming LP Hi Beams, and the trend of Javelin switching things up does not seem to be coming to a halt. This is technically the cleanest we’ve heard them, but the sun is absent. “Nnormal” is experiencing ongoing construction, pitch-mingling synths with bass attempting to prepare you for something nuts that never really happens–it takes an oddly humble route. “Nnormal” builds to these specific moments when each instrument comes together in a way that’s abnormal for the band. Their previous efforts like No Más were based on the idea of moderately sprinkling different melodies and noises throughout, whereas “Nnormal” tends to utilize only a handful of sounds and it squeezes out every bit it possibly can. The most exciting prospect is being able to hear this hyper-efficient duo challenge themselves in ways that are more than noticeable to the listener.

Hi Beams is out March 5 via Luaka Bop

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