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Hey Ocean!

"Big Blue Wave"

[Universal Music Canada; 2012]

By ; February 24, 2012 

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Canadian indie rockers Hey Ocean! are no strangers to catchy hooks and aquatic imagery, as their bold moniker might imply. Their increasing popularity over the last few years has shown them to be an incredibly diverse and talented group; the sort that a listener would be proud to hear on the radio and unique enough to warrant a second-look in this musically-populated modern world of ours. Having been releasing material to loyal fans since the mid-2000s, the latest success of the band comes in the form of “Big Blue Wave” and its accompanying music video. The band have made a name for themselves as one of Canada’s best up-and-coming acts through their addictive melodies and playful, seaside-invoking lyrics, and “Big Blue Wave,” as the title would suggest, delivers on both of these fronts with natural panache.

The rhythmic guitars and propulsive beats of “Big Blue Wave” form the basis of a track that builds and swells with excellent pop sensibility, creating a pleasant blend of the cheekily accessible and the traditionally empowering. Lead singer Ashleigh Ball’s vocals float and soar as both gentle whispers and powerful declarations throughout, charming the listener and harmonising delightfully with co-members David Beckingham and Dave Vertesi who provide gutsy guitars and groovy bass lines; both harmonious elements in the grand scheme of destroying musical discord. There’s a lot to be said about a band that can compliment one another so gracefully, and the biggest success of the track throughout is arguably its tightly-worked production and the positive interplay between the core members. Listening to Hey Ocean! is unabashedly good fun, but this fun is doubled when one considers the close relationship that the band members have with one another; being best friends both in and out of the studio provides the song with earnest emotion. This relationship is channelled in “Big Blue Wave” and its respective video, ensuring that the band are suited for a successful career in pastel-coloured indie rock. The result is an excellent pop song; catchy, memorable and easy to keep on loop without growing repetitive.

Hey Ocean! are certainly an up-and-coming group that can be commended, especially given their humble origins earning a loyal fan-base through independent releases. The future will no doubt be bright for the band if “Big Blue Wave” is anything to go by, and with any luck they’ll be dashing towards the musical pot of gold at the end of the rainbow given future publicity. Fans of complex, well-crafted pop music are sure to become fans of Hey Ocean! in ten seconds flat as a result of “Big Blue Wave”; it’s a refreshingly inspiring song from a likeable bunch of buddies well-worth investing in.


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