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Gauntlet Hair

“Keep Time”

[Dead Oceans; 2011]

By ; October 3, 2011 

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Denver based duo Gauntlet Hair have released “Keep Time” off their self-titled debut album. While Gauntlet Hair may call to mind an icky clump of mysterious shower drain matter, it actually puts out some genuinely pretty and resonant tunes – “Keep Time” not excluded.

A short-lived wacky intro bursts into a vocally explosive first verse, kicking off “Keep Time” with plenty of roaring personality. A driving beat coated in spacey reverb pushes the track along, making you want to sway your head and clap your hands. Hazy and weird interludes appear without notice, exempt from this beat. Underwater-sounding guitar builds vast spaces and climbing, jangling clamor backs the whole of it.

Despite its largeness, Gauntlet Hair manages to keep the song relatively contained within itself. The variation of sounds, however strange, don’t seem out of place. It’s a lot of echo (echo) to take in, but after a few listens, “Keep Time” becomes cohesive.


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