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Fort Romeau

"Love (Dub)"

[Ghostly; 2013]

By ; February 5, 2013 

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“Love (Dub),” the b-side off an upcoming 7″ from Fort Romeau aka Michael Norris for Ghostly, picks up almost exactly where the UK house producer’s debut for 100% Silk, Kingdoms, left off. In fact, the track nearly sounds like a reimagining of that album’s Mediterranean-flushed, disco-ish title track with its chunky, synthetic bass loop and glacial, vertical synth walls. “Love (Dub)” displays everything Fort Romeau does best, infusing vintage Chicago house molds with a thick, melodic synth-driven atmosphere you could just about climb inside and live in for a while. The track is nothing but build. After the bass synth plops into place, a two-note wash of deep-sea synths start to consume everything while Norris continually adds to the track’s periphery. When the beat drops out everything is caught in an weightless, vivid mosaic swirl before the climb starts again at zero. And this is only the b-side.

“SW9” is out March 11th via Ghostly

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