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Das Racist

“rapping 2 u” (Feat. Lakutis)

[Self-released; 2010]

By ; November 18, 2010 

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In the YouTube era, getting your fifteen minutes is easier than ever. The accompanying consequence is that everyone’s attention span has been contracted, and achieving staying power is becoming increasingly difficult. Viral phenomenon would be have been a good moniker for Das Racist, but the idiots/geniuses behind “Combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell” appear to be attempting the transition to serious artists. Quite successfully at that. “rapping 2 u,” off their mixtape Sit Down, Man is a surprisingly savvy, high IQ track that tips its hat and gives the finger to a laughably large number of individuals and memes.

Based around an awesome Minmi sample, the verbal dexterity and eloquence on display here is staggering. Kicking off with the hilarious line “white people love me like they love Subarus,” Himanshu Suri, Victor Vasquez and Dap string laugh out loud wordplay together and make it seem easy, as they examine unrelated topics from creative angles. Irreverence is their greatest strength, and they’re doing a dumb thing in a pretty smart way. Suri says it best: “I don’t need rap, told you rap need me.” It just might.

[From Das Racist’s Sit Down, Man mixtape, available for free download]


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