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“Everything Is Gonna Be Alright

[Modular; 2010]

By ; August 19, 2010 

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You can’t really blame people for wanting something more from ceo after White Magic. Many were saddened there wasn’t more beyond the 28 minutes of the album runtime but in a way that’s what makes it so easy to keeping spinning (that and, of course, the numerous hooks it offers and the great joy it seems to emit). “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright” is rightfully not be praised as any sort of missing link from White Magic or even really an essential addition the eight primary track on offer on the album.

Nonetheless this extra track – being offered as a free download – is still a greatly enjoyable nugget of upbeat music. It has the almost tribal percussion that the title track of the album put right into the foreground, somewhat unconventional instruments (panpipes here), a healthy amount of samples running through it and even a smooth and airy melody keeping the track together. The only thing it really lacks and thus sets it apart from the eight tracks on White Magic is the absence of any real vocals. But I can’t say that bothers me much since I found his lyrics lacking any great depth (further still this also didn’t bother me as the optimistic words were married to such chirpy music). In the end what you really get with “Everything Is Gonna Be Alright” is another little dose of upbeat joy from ceo. Stick it onto the end of White Magic and puts the album’s length just over half an hour giving you that little extra something you likely initially wanted. And don’t worry; it doesn’t make the looping plays of the album any harder.


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