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Black Moth Super Rainbow


[Graveface; 2012]

By ; April 5, 2012 

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The last time that Pittsburgh outfit Black Moth Super Rainbow came out with an album was with Eating Us back in 2009. Since then, a couple of members have branched out, working on side projects such as Tobacco and The Seven Fields of Aphelion. Last year was supposed to see the release of their fifth full-length album entitled Psychic Love Damage, only to scrap it last minute due to their unhappiness with the final product. But not all of it would be scrapped, as Tom Fek (Tobacco) said that he would be saving the best moments to use for the new album. And one of those saved moments is “Spraypaint.”

If you’re already familiar with BMSR, then you should know that their music is full of psychedelic haziness and “Spraypaint” is no different. In fact, it’s one of their “poppiest” songs to date with a traditional verse-chorus-verse structure and repeated lines throughout. The lyrics are sung through a vocoder that make rather undistinguishable for most of the song, but it does give it that cosmic, otherworldly sound to their music. As usual, layers-upon-layers of synthesizers create lush melodies that up much of the space with a bass that adds an emphasized groove backed by a simple drum beat.

While no details have come out regarding the new Black Moth Super Rainbow album, they are in fact working on it at the very least. While they’ve always been an experimental band, “Spraypaint” is an indicator that they still create music that is an experience in itself while being a bit more playful when it comes to structure. Their music is never short of interesting.


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