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"Attracting Flies"

[PMR; 2013]

By ; March 1, 2013 

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A lot has happened in the intervening space between 2012’s seminal “Your Drums, Your Love” and London R&B duo AlunaGeorge’s newest single, “Attracting Flies.” Despite only a handful of tracks to their name AlunaGeorge have been busy with photo shoots, award shows, and–with the help of similarly positioned house outfit, Disclosure–topping UK song charts. They’ve gone from scrappy Tri Angle bedroom project to blog commodity to full blown radio-ready pop outfit in the span of a mere 12 months. “Attracting Flies” cements their current position, the duo settling into a familiar groove and delivering yet another track complete with anthemic chorus and sticky synth hook, showcasing the masterful chemistry between singer and producer.

“Attracting Flies” is a great track and it shows that the duo have got this very forward facing pop single-type song down to a science. The production isn’t quite as intricate or inventive as “Your Drums, Your Love,” sticking rather close to its traditional-by-comparison stoccato synth vamps and whistling, see-saw hook, but Aluna Francis remains a singer whose magnetism and dexterity is almost enough to float a track on its own. The duo’s promise that the album which “Attracting Flies” belongs, Body Music, contains songs of a more personal nature (also this song apparently isn’t done) is enough to give them the benefit of the doubt that they can mix things up from here. In the mean time, we can leave this track on repeat.

Body Music is out July 1st via PMR

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