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Air France

"It Feels Good To Be Around You"

[Sincerely Yours; 2011]

By ; August 19, 2011 

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In 2006 and 2008 Swedish electronic duo Air France put out a couple of much-loved EPs before disappearing into the ether without a word of return. Their release, more or less out of the blue, of “It Feels Good To Be Around You” was one that was met with great pleasure then.

“It Feels Good To Be Around You” is based on an undercurrent of the basics: clicking drums and a lightly thumping bass line. The lyrical content is unimportant as the typical rave-synths grace the background and infect the song with that sense of ‘there’s a big chorus just around the corner’ and the excitement for it is built masterfully. When the chorus comes it employs several vocal samples of differing origins all over it, but the real hook that runs throughout the song comes from the (probably synthesized) steel drums. It’s the kind of chorus that feels light and breezy played on a simple stereo while relaxing, but could also lead a full-on rave if played over the sound system of a night club.

So, has Air France moved on their sound in the three years since we last heard from them? Not really. Does that matter? Considering we’ve only received 10 tracks from them before and it’s the height of summer (i.e. the perfect time for their blend of Balearic dance pop) – not at all.


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