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Active Child

"Diamond Heart"

[Vagrant; 2011]

By ; November 1, 2011 

Purchase at: Insound (Vinyl) | Amazon (MP3 & CD) | iTunes | MOG

Active Child aka Pat Grossi takes us to dizzying heights with “Diamond Heart”; a bonus track off debut album You Are All I See. This version with the bonus track drops November 1st, a few days into Grossi’s tour with M83.

“Diamond Heart” is almost 6 minutes of hook-laden, positively soaring pop. Grossi’s tenor carries above drawling, well-melded synth. His crooning (honed through childhood participation in the Philadelphia Boys Choir) lends the track a strong spine and elevates it to more extreme altitudes. Despite the overall dreamy tone, the song has distinct parts — which proves impressive. It’s easy to forsake definition in floaty ethereal goodness, and Active Child doesn’t overlook any fluttering detail.


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