We’re pleased to announce that Beats Per Minute is now accepting Bitcoin! You can send us a tip over on our donation portal. The funds will be divvied up amongst our writers at the end of each month depending on how much each person has contributed.


What’s Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a revolutionary new currency system built on the web. Anyone can get started just by downloading wallet software. You can create new addresses to receive funds at trivially, without having to register anywhere or worry about getting funds seized by an administrator like you would when using a bank account or a service like PayPal. It’s sorta punk rock in that regard.

Why Bitcoin?

We’re a music zine with writers all over the globe. We live in different jurisdictions with different currencies so it makes a lot of sense for us to accept what we believe will become the native money of the internet instead of dealing with a third party to convert it into our writers’ local currencies.

What wallets do you recommend for noobs?

Blue Wallet, Phoenix, Hexa, and Blockstream Green. These wallet have slightly different feature sets and work on different platforms. Take a look and see what works best for your use case.

What’s BTCPay Server?

BTCPay Server is self-hosted, open source software that lets you accept Bitcoin payments on the web. We love it and use it to power our donation portal.

What’s this Lightning Network thing?

Lightning is a layer on top of Bitcoin that allows for cheaper, instant transactions. Think of it like a checking account to Bitcoin’s native savings account. If you’re just getting started you don’t need to worry about it too much but we think it’s going to be a big part of Bitcoin moving forward. We accept both on-chain (regular Bitcoin payments) and Lightning payments on our donation portal.

Do you have any more resources to learn about Bitcoin?

Yep! Check out the resources below.

Hello Bitcoin: Your friendly place to learn about bitcoin

Video: An Introduction to Bitcoin by Andreas Antonopoulos

Bitcoin Intro: Start Using Bitcoin

Lopp’s Bitcoin Information and Resources


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