[Sub Pop; 2009]

While fans and music critics alike await the duo’s next full length release with high expectations, alongside with constant touring, we have been presented with the gift that is the Losing Feeling EP, a four track compilation of songs that are meant to tide us over. Don’t be mistaken though, these are not throwaway tracks that never made it to Nouns, and neither are they meant to be entirely representative of their upcoming album. Losing Feeling takes Randall and Spunt into a more ambient world, experimenting with a more diverse range of sounds, rather than the pure noise-rock that was filtered on their full length. Title track plays on the never-fail formula on building a song up and up until it finally explodes in an orgasmic flurry. It’s nothing worth writing home about, but it’s just an OK track that sits nicely at the forefront. ‘Genie’ kind of falls flat on it’s face as well, being boring, teasing for something better to come along. While that something better isn’t necessarily delivered in the same song, it is the second half of Losing Feeling that truly justifies any excitement that one might have for their next full length.

‘Aim at the Airport’ demonstrates the duo’s first real foray into the world of sampling, being a truly remarkable demonstration of sound. It has the patented No Age fuzz spray painted all over it, but beneath that, it’s a soft track that is nothing short of beautiful to listen to. However, the true beauty of Losing Feeling is “You’re A Target”, putting No Age on display, doing what they do best. It’s nothing but bliss, embodying loud and enforcing guitars, fast paced beats with a remarkable amount of chaotic fills with a glistening melody to fit. It’s drenched in the most minute detail as well at times, with intricate nuances beautifying Target’s outro.

Simply enough: more please.