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WU LYF working on new material for LP2 and film

By ; November 28, 2011 at 5:14 PM 

Photo by Philip Cosores

In the latest installment of Stereogum’s running column Progress Report, the site interviewed WU LYF’s Ellery Roberts, which seemed a bit strange considering that the band’s recent album, Go Tell Fire To The Mountain is, well, recent. But, as Roberts conveys in the interview, the band seems to be looking forward, since many of the songs were written when Roberts was much younger.

While nothing is concrete, Roberts does drop a few juicy tidbits, noting that:

“We have a bunch of new songs and a specific direction where we’re taking it. I guess we’ve maybe thought about it and talked about it more than we’ve actually spent time creating new stuff … since we’ve been traveling a lot… Still, we are working through some new songs. We are also collaborating on a film with this French guy and putting that out in the near future. I can’t say too much about it yet. I suppose we’re always thinking about new stuff, we just haven’t had much of a chance since the record took off.”

So, a new WU LYF album and soundtrack both seem to be in the future. But how soon? Roberts addressed this as well:

“I think we’ll do something like that. We want to stop touring by next March or April so we can properly get back to work. You see a lot of bands touring the shit out of an album until it feels dead and I don’t want to do that. For me, the creative part — the really exciting part — is the writing and recording and the making of new work. I look forward to figuring out how the new album will come together.”

So there you go. Whether it is LP2 or the mysterious film collaboration, I wouldn’t be surprised to see some more WU LYF in 2012.


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