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Wolf Parade busy crafting a new album for 2010

By ; December 17, 2009 at 11:50 PM 


Just when you thought Spencer Krug was busy enough, think again. As we reported here at onethirtybpm very recently, Krug just digitally released an EP under his Moonface handle via the revolutionary pay-what-you-want method. As if that weren’t enough to keep us sated, his primary project, Wolf Parade, has an album due in 2010 according to drummer Arlen Thompson.

Thompson answered a few questions for a Wolf Parade fansite, and he mentioned that while songwriting has “just started,” the process is going “really well” and they hope to have the album finished by early spring.

If Wolf Parade can polish off that album by the spring, it could mean a release date sometime later in 2010. Nothing official has been reported yet, but hopefully as the new year rolls in, we can start getting a clearer picture of the timeline for this highly-anticipated album.

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