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Update: Wilco announce new single, reveal album details

By ; April 21, 2011 at 7:16 PM 

Earlier this year Wilco promised us that they would soon be returning with a new album to follow up 2009’s Wilco (the Album). It seems they’re making good on this promise, starting this summer. In a brief post on their Facebook page Wilco announced a new 7″ single called “I Might” which will come with a cover of “I Love My Label” originally performed by Nick Lowe on the b-side. It’s likely the cover was chosen because this will be the first release on Wilco’s very own dBpm Records.

The single will be available at Solid Sound Festival in Massachusetts (June 24-26) at which Wilco are performing and then will be available to everyone else “sometime in July.” As for the rest of the album the band promise that there is “more recording news to come very, very soon.”

Update: According to Spin, the new Wilco album has the working title of Get Well Soon Everybody and the band has laid down 20 tracks for consideration on the effort. At this point the band are considering a double album. Tweedy says of the record, “I do think it’s a little bit more obnoxious and irreverent of a pop record than people have heard from us, maybe, ever. And that’s exciting. But I have no doubt that the second this record becomes available there’s somebody sitting in a basement at their computer with the word ‘meh’ already typed up, waiting to post a review.”

The article includes details on particular songs, including “Art of Almost,” which comes off as an experimental Neil Young and the 14-minute “Song for Jane Smiley’s Boyfriend.” Check out the article for tons more, but the record could be out by September.

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