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Watch the zany promotional videos for Sufjan Stevens’ Silver & Gold

By ; November 20, 2012 at 12:13 PM 

Mr Sufjan Stevens is no stranger to all things odd, strange, and off-kilter, but his new seven-part promotional video series might just take the biscuit. The clips, which you can watch below, present Stevens’ new Christmas boxset Silver & Gold as a law firm that specialises in suing Santa (Bob Loblaw, anyone?), a fictitious upcoming monster truck rally, a sitcom (complete with canned laughter), and (my personal favourite) a “Between Two Ferns” rip-off, “Betwixt Two Furs.” The clips, created by Stevens, Jeff Shoop, and Rosie Thomas (brought to life as her alter-ego Shelia Saputo) are dubbed as the “Friendship Slay Ride” series, and it might the best advertisement for things that don’t exist. At least you take in the five-volume boxset to fill you with that festive joy. Watch the clips below.

“Silver and Gold Informercial”

“Betwixt Two Furs”

“Monster Trucks”

“It’s Just Sheila”

“Law Office”

“Sheila Campaign”

“Friendship Sleigh Ride”

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